International Recovery Associates, Inc.


International Recovery Associates, Inc. is proud to be an innovative company, which can easily adapt to
changing technologies. Our system runs on the #1 innovator in collections software, Columbia Ultimate
Business Systems.

The flexibility of this system helps in tailoring our work flow to meet the specific needs of our clients. Some
of the features of our system include:

  • Utilizes the Account Flow Manager module, which helps us direct a mass amount of accounts in
    an efficient way.

  • Our computer system's automated skip tracing process works with our partner, Accurint, to help
    find people who have relocated electronically.

  • Complete medical billing system that has the ability to file both paper and electronic claims
    for our Medical Clients.

  • Both onsite and offsite automated backups to avoid loss of data.

  • Monitored and updated Cisco Pix firewall that blocks against outside security threats.

  • Online Scanning system which allows all authorized employees to view any document related to any
    account they are working.