International Recovery Associates, Inc.


We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to our company, International Recovery Associates, Inc.
IRA was formed in 1982 as a full service collection agency. IRA was founded upon an obligation to efficiency
and superior ethical standards. We are motivated by the successful recovery of our clients’ overdue receivables.
IRA offers its clients a combination of highly developed collection tools, as well as a team of prompt and professional
employees with the appropriate skill set designed to meet your company’s specific needs.
International Recovery Associates is committed to serving your company with the intention of building a long-term
professional relationship. We are the intelligent alternative for your company's need for debt collection and improving
cash flow, while at the same time increasing your profitability. The staff at IRA is made up of well-trained and
highly skilled professionals in retail, medical and commercial third-party collections and has established an
unbeatable reputation. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, IRA's collectors are able to retrieve debtor information,
perform valuable skip tracing, and affect the debtor's credit history along with contacting debtors in a timely
and efficient manner.

IRA is at all times in full compliance with the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). International Recovery Associates
is also a member of American Collectors Association, Inc. We are also active members of the New York Collectors
Association and Health Care Financial Management Association. As a member of each of these associations, we are
fully aware of all Federal, State and local laws governing the collection of a debt and are able to ensure our reputation,
as well as that of our clients.

For our medical clients, IRA offers a full service medical billing department.  We have the ability to file claims via
paper or electronic, as well as follow up with these claims until they are paid. IRA is fully HIPAA compliant.

Our collection agency is unique in that it is expansive enough to offer rates that are competitive with larger firms, but also specialized enough to provide your accounts with individual, consistent and expert attention. There are no fees for signing up with IRA to start our collection processes and every client’s account receives as much personal attention and service as they require. Whether your needs are for us to collect on a single account per year or thousands of delinquent accounts, IRA will exhaust every effort permitted on each and every account to bring
you unmatched recovery results. The following information on this website will provide an overview of our company but may not answer all the questions you may have. We will gladly have a representative contact you to discuss your specific collection needs. We eagerly await the chance to turn your collection problems around. Remember, THERE IS NEVER A FEE - UNLESS WE COLLECT. We only make money when you make mon